The Fresh Seafood Co. & Market

What We Specialize In

A little space with BIG taste! The Fresh Seafood Co. operates out of a 250 square foot space but we pride ourselves on serving up an extensive lunch menu to “hit the spot” while also showcasing fresh offerings of flash frozen fish varieties flown into Charleston three times a week from Boston and Florida.  You can select oysters and scallops from the Chesapeake Bay, arriving three times each week.  If you’re having a party, call us at least two days in advance for our one-of-a-kind crab and cheese ball. We offer shrimp trays with our secret recipe cocktail sauce, and smoked salmon platters for the Christmas season, too.

The Fresh Seafood Co. Menu

What You Will Experience

When you come to The Fresh Seafood Co., you will be greeted with a smile and some of the most delicious seafood you’ll find in West Virginia. We make our own in-house tartar sauce, coleslaw and hushpuppies to go with our made-to-order lunches. You can invite your friends or have a business lunch right across from our shop or enjoy your meal on the front porch. We think you’ll have a memorable experience here and want to come back again and again! Here’s an odd fact for you: Have you ever heard of a seafood shop serving up hot dogs? Well, we do! We serve up an all beef hot dog on a steamed bun with homemade chili and slaw plus freshly cut onions. I must say it’s a pretty darn good WV style hot dog! So if you’re not into seafood, we still have something for you!

Who We Are

My husband Tim and I started this “little” business back in 1997. Today we are in the same space serving up what our Charlestonian customers and visiting customer’s claim (and we do too) as the “The Big fish Sandwich:” a savory seasoned cod fish, deep-fried and piled high on a croissant with our very own signature tartar sauce. Now, my husband and I oversee the operations of our second location in Myrtle Beach while Tim’s brother Tony heads up this location inside Capitol Market! Tony is the go-to-guy for everything. Need a recipe? How about a tip on preparing your fish selection? Don’t hesitate to ask Tony as recipes are on the tip of his tongue, or you will see his choice recipes posted around the shop.


800 Smith St.
Charleston, WV 25301